High School & Middle School Planning

High school and middle school consulting

Planning/Advisory Service

The goal of Ivy Talent’s middle school and high school planning services is to clearly define and guide students through the necessary steps of applying to US schools. All consulting is personalized and tailored for each individual student.

In order to gain admission to competitive middle schools and high schools in the US, more than just great academic performance and test scores are necessary. Schools approach the admissions process working to build a class with diverse backgrounds, varied interests/hobbies, and demonstrated non-academic skills.

Ivy Talent’s planning services help students think about their own interests, personal character, values, and future goals. Personalization is key here. Ivy Talent’s planning consultants work individually with each student and their family to help them make the best decisions for their future.  

Working with Ivy Talent’s planning consultants, students will develop their skills in many key areas including:

  • Soft skills such as time management and organization
  • Self-awareness
  • Personal Development like trying new activities and learning about new areas
  • Becoming motivated and engaged life-long learners
  • Effective communication and collaboration in an academic setting

Ivy Talent’s planning consultants also guide students in course selection (when applicable), in-school and extracurricular activity choices, and development of English language skills (when applicable). 

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