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College Essay

Writing personal statements and supplemental essays can be one of the most difficult parts of applying to college. Ivy Talent’s expert team of college essay consultants can work with each student to help them write the best possible essay that paints a picture of their best self.

Some of the areas a college essay consultant can assist with are: brainstorming topics to write about, developing an outline, editing and providing feedback on drafts, and developing supplemental essays. 

High School Interview Prep

Almost every junior boarding school and boarding high school requires an interview for each applicant. For many students this age, it’s their first interview—which can be daunting! Consultants at Ivy Talent take this into consideration, helping each student practice their interview skills before the school interview date.

After gaining an understanding of the interview process, a student will work on sample interview questions and discuss content to use for responses. Finally, online and in-person mock interviews provide time to practice technique and receive feedback on how to improve. 

College Interview Prep

Many colleges suggest, but do not require, interviews for applicants. Interviews allow a student to show or further provide information that may not come across in a written application.

College interviews are conducted in a variety of ways including:

Alumni interviews – (the most common) student meets in person with an alumnus/alumna of the college.

Video interviews – (common for international applicants) conducted via third party platforms like Initial View or Vericant where a proctor conducts and records an interview and sends it electronically to a college.

Ivy Talent’s consultants provide strategies and one-on-one preparation to help a student practice questions and adequately prepare for each type of college interview. Full mock interviews provide time to practice technique and receive feedback on how to improve.

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