About Us

Ivy Talent International Education Group Inc. is a Boston-based international education group with locations in the United States and China. Ivy Talent Education provides a breadth of education services for both current and prospective students attending or applying to American middle schools, high schools and colleges.

Ivy Talent’s services revolve around setting students up for success not only in the application process, but for their entire education career. Services available include, but are not limited to, private high school placement support, interview preparation and practice sessions, admissions and enrollment counseling, cultural adjustment guidance, academic planning, character and leadership development, education finance counseling, scholarship / education grant research, tutoring, test preparation, college tours, college application support, and future career planning.

Working with Ivy Talent, a large number of students have started their education in the US, ensuring countless opportunities for their futures. What makes us unique is that we’re not simply trying to just get an acceptance letter—we listen to each student’s interests and aspirations to help them find schools that best fit their talents and goals. Additionally, we help our students fully integrate into school by providing guidance with academic and career planning and soft skills, so students’ needs are always supported.

Ivy Talent is committed to helping both American and international students succeed in American schools by providing a wide range of educational support services. We work closely with students and their families to help put them on the path to a career full of academic and personal growth.

Why Ivy Talent?

Excellent Acceptance Track Record

Each year, Ivy Talent’s students are accepted by top colleges and universities, boarding high schools, and junior boarding schools in the United States and Canada. The individualized advising and mentoring provided by Ivy Talent’s education consultants helps students to grow, develop, and achieve their personal and educational goals.


Ivy Talent Education is based in the Boston area and has a large US-based team. This allows for direct interaction with schools, students, and school counselors without geographic or time barriers. Team members make regular visits to schools, interact face-to-face with school staff, teachers, and admissions officers. This allows Ivy Talent to regularly update application and other school information and quickly learn about any changes or new developments.

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We provide personalized assistance to parents and students looking to apply to American schools. Free no-obligation consultation in person or over the phone is our first step to get to know you!

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