Secondary School Admission

Acceptance Overview

Limited Applicants: Every year, we only accept <40 students for the secondary consulting services in order to provide individual attention and guidance, and to ensure the quality outcome of each student.

School Application: mainly high-quality schools in economically developed areas such as New England, New York, Washington, California, etc.

Applicant background: We have a diverse student body globally, our students are currently attending American junior high schools; international, public, and private schools in China and Canada. 

Admission results: The majority of our students are admitted to their first-choice, dream schools and top 50 high schools (boarding and day) in America. 

Personalized School Selection Process: The selection of the school is decided by the consultants, parents, and students. With Ivy Talent’s profound understanding of American schools, students will only choose rigorous and suitable schools tailored to their passion and future development. We believe that every child has potential. We guide students to think critically, leave their comfort zone, stimulate their self-drive, and achieve growth during the application process.

Active Involvement of Ivy Talent’s CEO: As the founding member, the industry senior consultant, Lily, participates in the application process of every student and gives families and students comprehensive suggestions and opinions. From school selection to specific application strategies, enhancement of characteristics, communication with colleges and universities, every student and family benefit from her rich industry experience and responsible service attitude.

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