International Public Relations Coordinator

Job Location: Woburn, MA
Job Type: Full-time

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create press releases and other outbound media campaigns to engage clients / prospective clients
  • Plan and arrange public appearances and lectures to increase the awareness of Ivy Talent’s products and services
  • Write internal publications and documents for employees to increase their understanding about services available in other departments
  • Work to engage current clients to deliver speeches and participate in forum discussions describing their experiences with Ivy Talent’s products and services
  • Maintain Ivy Talent’s public corporate image and identity by moderating online discussions about the company
  • Create, update, and maintain content on Ivy Talent’s public website, corporate blog, and social media platforms
  • Produce, narrate, and edit short videos publicly posted to promote Ivy Talent’s services
  • Create outbound marketing campaigns using various social media platforms
  • Perform market and public opinion research about introducing new services in the education services market to ensure Ivy Talent is providing relevant content and creating successful programs
  • Research and monitor market trends in the education services market
  • Consult with Ivy Talent’s management team to identify new trends or target client interests or concerns
  • Write and deliver speeches / presentations online to increase awareness of Ivy Talent’s services
  • Participate in information sessions and workshops to promote public awareness of Ivy Talent’s services
  • Develop public relations and marketing strategies to promote Ivy Talent’s education consulting services
  • Review, edit, and provide feedback on articles, presentations, and other written materials written by others at Ivy Talent before publishing publicly


  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Science or related field or equivalent
  • Ability to conduct details-oriented tasks and multitask
  • Ability to effectively build relationships and interact with other members of the team
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Good ability to make public presentations and speeches both online and in-person
  • Knowledge of how to use generative AI tools for idea generation as well as editing / improving written content
  • Able to use WordPress or other similar content management systems for website management
  • Knowledge of editing and design tools like InDesign, Illustrator, Canva, Prezi, and others

Interested and qualified applicants, please email your resume and salary requirements to the HR Admin at:

employment at ivytalent dot com

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